Circuit Mediation

Mr. Lunsford offers a unique combination of more than 30 years of litigation experience coupled with alternative dispute resolution services. While representing clients in his law practice, Kevin became more and more concerned with the increasing costs, both financial and emotional, of navigating a civil dispute through Florida’s court system. The sometimes unpredictable outcomes and seemingly endless delays further serve to encourage parties to mediate their disputes in a more positive and less divisive environment. 


Family Mediation

Our process can assist couples who want to save time and money. We can help you avoid escalation of the conflict and the negative emotional impact of a traditional divorce. Avoid the negative effects of an ugly divorce on your children. Don't risk a bad decision in court. You stay in control and create your own solution. We can help you fill-in the standard court forms that you can file with the court in order to obtain an uncontested divorce. 



In addition to serving as a Mediator, Mr. Lunsford is a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator and is a Primary Trainer in Supreme Court Approved Arbitration Trainings. Arbitration can be conducted in conjunction with Mediation (Med/Arb or Arb/Med) or as a stand alone ADR process. As an Arbitrator, Kevin can conduct Binding or Non-Binding arbitrations or serve as a Private Judge pursuant to Florida's voluntary trial resolution process (VTR).

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